Just last week Mavis Wanczyk of Chicopee, Massachusetts stepped forward and announced to the world she had won the big Powerball jackpot worth $758 million- and would you believe scammers have already figured out a way to cash in?

Police in the city are warning residents there to be on the alert for fake social media accounts that have since popped up. Police say fake Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts are now showing up claiming to belong to Wanczyk.

The fake accounts claim following and answering private messages will result in the person on the receiving end getting money - which IS NOT TRUE. Police warn not to provide any personal information to anyone, or any site, you're not familiar with.

Good advice for not only people in Chicopee but for everyone. If you don't recognize the person sending you a friend request or the number that shows up on your phone - let it go. Chances are good it's someone intent on scamming you out of money.

Source: CBS Boston

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