Texas Tech head football coach Kliff Kingsbury joined Jeff Thurn earlier today on Overtime.

Kingsbury on Winning a Bowl Game last Year:

"That's all they want to talk about is the bowl games. It was big for us to come back from a five game losing streak. It's helped on the recruiting trail and it's helped our confidence. "

Kingsbury on Johnny Manziel:

"I think when you are taken in the first round playing the top position, which is QB in the NFL, you're going to be judged on everything that you do. People think he should be always studying. He will do what he likes to do, and to this point it's worked out for him. I don't see why that would change. As he develops as a QB, all that other stuff will come and the offseason stuff will quiet down."


Kingsbury also used a ice cream truck in Houston as a way to motivate players. To hear how he did so, his opinion of the current state of college football conferences, and his relationship with Tom Brady, listen to the full interview below.