Everyone knows how Jeff loves to make fun of the bland, distasteful and boring foods that I eat on our trips to stay healthy. Last week I brought him one of my favorite dishes of squash pasta with a grilled chicken breast and he wasn't impressed. (Look out for #GrossOutJeff on Twitter)

There's not a lot of food that I won't eat as long as it's healthy and isn't full of a bunch of preservatives and loaded with sugar. If it taste like grass and leaves off the tree in your front lawn... that's not a problem because if it has good health benefits, I'll eat it.

I've never had a sweet tooth, growing up I was always taking more mash potatoes and turkey than sweets. I do sometimes sneak a piece of candy here or there during the holidays though.

However, ESPN 99.1's good friend Mike Leach and I share a mutual agreement on a specific holiday candy. The funny part is that it seems coach Leach has some serious and thought out disliking for the topic.

Candy corn is awful:

It's awful and awful for you, it's colors throw me off and it has a taste that cannot be compared to anything else. Coach Leach makes a good point when entertaining guest this holiday season, "why serve it at all?"

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