Do you know what's great about going out to have Chinese food? Dessert! After having Chinese food your server brings you fortune cookies to open. Do you really eat the cookie? Most people don't. They go right for the fortune.

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I'm not sure who started this, but someone decided it would be funny to add their own tagline to each fortune. Like the words "In Bed."

So, here are some crazy fortunes we learned about coming from the mouths of people from Minnesota.
1) It's never cold in Minnesota six months out of the year, in bed.
2) You will finally celebrate a Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl victory, in bed.
3) Your best experience with a Jucy Lucy is in bed.
4) The best place to eat a bag of White Castle burgers is in bed. (Or, not.)
5) Only true Minnesotans can appreciate Lutefisk, Lefse, and Tator Tot Hot Dish, in bed.
6) Of all the things to enjoy at the Minnesota State Fair, they're better on a stick, and in bed.
7) Only in Minnesota, you can't be charged with drunkenness or public drunkenness, in bed.
8) Bemidji, Duluth, and Ely are best visited in bed.
9) Only in Minnesota, visiting the South Shore as opposed to the North Shore has more meaning, in bed.
10) If your husband comes home from deer hunting without a rack don't be alarmed, in bed.

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