I was always under the impression that deodorant was the smell crushing choice of most athletes, but I'm finding out in the case of the Chicago Cubs that isn't the case.

Well, I'm guessing they do use deodorant, but apparently they are the best smelling team in Major League Baseball history with the individual fragrances they exude.

In a piece from the Wall Street Journal, its described that players on the roster use cologne before the game in order to smell good during.

Noted in the article is Pedro Strop a pitcher on the Cubs staff who says:

“I always say, ‘You smell good, you perform good,’”

The Cubs bench coach Dave Martinez also agrees that they are the best smelling team ever:

“They’re the best-smelling players I’ve ever seen—by far,” Cubs bench coach Dave Martinez said. “You go up to them and shake their hand and…” He took a long, loud sniff. “They smell good.”

For Cubs fans sake, they better hope that the cologne can hide the stench of a 100 year old curse that has daunted the franchise and if it gets to finally come to an end, everything will be smelling like roses.

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