If you have ever listened to my show or followed me on Twitter (@JTESPN991), you know I have a special place in my heart for Cubs fans and Wrigley Field.

It is that part of my heart that has turned completely cold and has no feeling.

Wrigley Field should have been torn down and rebuilt years ago just like they did with the great Yankee Stadium, but Cubs fans for whatever reason have wanted to keep the stadium like some old relic most would sell at a garage sale.

Regardless, Wrigley Field has seen updates and improvements over the years and their latest improvement may be their best to date.

The Chicago Cubs have announced that they plan on adding a sportsbook to Wrigley Field according to ESPN.

In a deal with Draft Kings, the Cubs plan to put a sportsbook inside Wrigley or just outside Wrigley in Wrigleyville.

Being a harsh critic of Wrigley, even I will have to put my bias opinions aside and hit up the old ballpark just in the name of seeing a sportsbook at a sporting venue in the United States.

This was long thought of as taboo but now with many states legalizing sports betting and many leagues and organizations embracing it as well, this seems to be a sign of the times and the future of sports.


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