Back in February, I told you that Brian Boitano, Olympic gold medalist, opened a restaurant and bar in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

I have family that lives in Lincoln and I just so happen to be in town for a family function, so I made it a point to check it out.

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Boitano's Lounge is part of The Kindler Hotel. It is located in downtown Lincoln. There are many restaurants and boutiques and it is a foot traffic-heavy part of town.

I walked in and was surprised by how small it was. The Kindler Hotel is a boutique hotel so it's not huge. The check-in desk for the hotel is to the right when you walk in and Boitano's Lounge is to the left.

I pulled up a chair at the bar and started perusing the cocktail menu.

I decided to have the Italicus Spritz for starters. The bartender asked if I liked green olives because the traditional Italian way to have the drink is with green olives. Who am I to mess with Italian tradition? I really do like any beverage that comes with a snack.

The Italicus Spritz was very light and refreshing. I like any cocktail with prosecco or champagne. It went down pretty easy so I decided to try one more cocktail.

For my second drink, I had a Paper Plane. I like an Aperol Spritz and the Paper Plane has Aperol in it. It was nothing like a 'spritz'. I definitely tasted the Maker's Mark more than the Aperol. It was still good, just very different from my first cocktail.

There was a small food menu with charcuterie boards, appetizers, and flatbread pizzas. The food I saw come out looked great, but I did not partake. I was just there to sample some cocktails.

I was chatting with the bartenders and asked how often Brian Boitano is actually there. They said he is in the restaurant about five times a year to help curate the menu! Pretty hands-on for a guy that doesn't live in Lincoln.

Also, Brian Boitano apparently picked The Kindler Hotel in Lincoln because he is friends with the couple that owns the hotel and they have ties to Lincoln.

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