The 14 member review committee established by the Mayor and city finance director had their final meeting to propose recommendations on the operation of the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.  The series of meetings showcased the many successes of the CVB while the review committee struggled to find their common ground in how to approach their task, knowing that only recommendations would be made with uncertain results.

The board did decide Monday December 21, 2015 to have a recommendation letter prepared to suggest the CVB have a strategic planner, and set aside additional finances to help fund events to bring more overnight guests to Sioux Falls.

During the meetings, the CVB employees were not allowed to comment unless specifically asked to do so.

The Convention and visitor’s bureau is under the direction of the Chamber of Commerce. Some have questioned why the city of Sioux Falls would call meetings for an entity they do not manage, and have cited the denial of funds for the the Mayor’s project the Huether Family Match Pointe Tennis Center as the instigator for calling the meetings.

A major group of hotels in the city voluntarily collect a two dollar a night tax, which then funds the Convention and Visitor’s bureau and can rescind the tax by a collective decision.