There are plenty of outdoor adventures all across this great country. Your interests may vary from hiking to biking. Driving to flying. Swimming to jogging.

I think we have a pretty nice playground that more people need to explore. One of those is a new adventure that puts you in the saddle to peddle the Canadian border to the Mexico border.

The Great Plains Gravel Route will span almost 4,000 miles taking you through six states. Better put your PTO in now and start working overtime and weekends cuz this trek could take you up to 3 weeks to complete.

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Along the route, you can check off North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Lelan Dains/Cycling Weekly
Lelan Dains/Cycling Weekly

Like every outdoor adventure, there are challenges. But, keep in mind, it's not a race. You'll spend your journey wheeling through the heart of America. Right down the middle. Or, up depending on which direction you choose.

A tip of the cap to the folks who designed this one. What a great way to see the backroads, small towns, the different cultures, and people who will actually talk to you.

According to Cycling Weekly, Dr. Jerod Foster, one of the route organizers says, “Gravel cycling makes you feel like a kid again. It’s more remote, and lets you really dwell in the land and learn about the place. Nobody expects this kind of beauty out of the great plains.”

By the way, here are ten more scenic adventures for you to consider:

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