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It's one thing to work out and lift weights in an effort to get bigger and stronger. It's another altogether when your goal is to become the World's Strongest Man. A 19-year-old Iowa man will get his shot at the title later this fall!

KCCI reports that Aidan Walsh got interested in the World's Strongest Man competition back when his dad showed him a video at the age of 15. That is when Walsh says he "went down the rabbit hole" and began hitting the gym with the goal of competing in a strongman competition. What exactly do you have to do during a strongman competition? Walsh told KCCI that events usually consist of an overhead press, a carry, and a deadlift. It all wraps up with the Atlas Stone, a large sphere that can weigh over 300 pounds!

Since getting into the world of strongman competitions, Walsh has competed twice in Texas, and in Nebraska and New Hampshire, where he won the Under 20 Nationals last summer, according to KCCI. Because of that victory, Walsh will get to compete in Scotland at the Under 23 World's Strongest Man competition in November. Walsh continues to train and says that he only has one goal.

I want to be the single world's strongest man on the planet. People who persist in it are a kind of rare breed, and I just want to be part of that.

Are you going to tell him he can't do it? Because I'm certainly not! Here is wishing Aidan Walsh all the luck in the world. Maybe one day we'll be able to say that the World's Strongest Man is from Iowa.

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