Depending on the region of the United States that you live in, you fish for different kinds of fish.

In the South you get a lot of bass, in the Midwest you get a lot of walleye and in the mountains, you get a lot of trout.

In our area, walleye is the king.

Of course you will find crappie, sun fish, bull heads and many more kinds of creatures in our lakes and rivers, but those three seem to be the most coveted.

I don't own a boat but the last couple of years I've stepped outside the air conditioning and jumped on my friends boat and did some fishing.

Walleye fishing on his boat consists of the 'bottom bouncer' rig.  Dropping a line in the water and trolling around waiting for the bite.

Now, in the south, I've done my fair share of bass fishing and it always felt to me at least that bass fishing took a little more skill.

The skill of having to reel and cast a lot more, accompanied with the fact you feel like you aren't just snagging em near the bottom makes it feel more competitive in my opinion.

Plus a bass will give you a much more fun time reeling it in than a walleye.

Now don't get me wrong, walleye fishing is a blast.  More my cup of tee as I don't have to do as much work to catch as many fish.

So there you have it, a non expert in the line of fishing telling you the facts about the difficulties of fishing for bass vs. walleye.  All in agreement?

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