Target shoppers, listen up! There is a major change coming to Target stores this weekend, in a new effort for the Minnesota-based company. These changes will either make you happy or make you mad.

The change was announced in a press release put out by company on Thursday, stating that they were making some big changes with the whole checkout process. These changes will be rolled out in most of their stores as early as this Sunday (Sunday 17th).

Target Reports Large Q3 Earnings Miss As Customer Demand Becomes Uncertain
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What Changes Are Coming To Target Stores?

There are four major changes coming to Target stores. Here's a breakdown:

  • Express Self-Checkout will have a limit of ten items or less at 'most of' their stores.
  • Target stores will open more lanes staffed by a team member for those with more than ten items.
  • Employees will have the option to open more lanes staffed by a team member or set self-checkout hours based on how busy it is.
  • Target employees will get additional training so the checkout experience as a whole can be better.
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Why Are Target Stores Making These Changes?

According to their press release, customers got accustomed to and voiced their appreciation for self-checkout lanes during the pandemic. The company also said the changes will make for a faster and easier shopping experience for everyone.

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Target tested this self-checkout limit at other stores in the fall and found that it got people in and out of the store faster. Customers were also happier with their overall checkout experience in the pilot program.

Target Reports Large Q3 Earnings Miss As Customer Demand Becomes Uncertain
Scott Olson, Getty Images

It's crazy to think that just a few years ago, curbside pickup was hardly even an option anywhere. I can't remember a time before Target pickup! Target has made a lot of moves since then and most of them have been successful.

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I think this self-checkout change will be good, especially because it bugs everyone when someone rolls up to one with a ton of items and slows everyone down. I like to do it just for fun but I guess I will have to to a regular lane now.

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