Today is officially the first day of Spring and even though the weather doesn't seem very Spring like, one sure sign of Spring is baseball!

I'll admit, I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I love baseball movies! Specifically, The Sandlot. I literally, and I'm being totally for serious, can recite The Sandlot word for word. I'm the worst person to watch that movie with because I talk along with the dialogue. I love that movie so much. Part of my obsession, as a pre-pubescent female, could have been all the cute boys in it. Anyway, I'm getting off track.

The Milwaukee Brewers decided to recreate one of the titular scenes in the  movie.

They did such a good job! I know they got the dialogue right, because as I said before, I basically know it all by heart.

The Sandlot has so many great scenes it would have been hard for me to pick which one to pay homage to! I mean, there's the s'mores scene or the chewing tobacco scene or the hurling insults at the captain of the other team scene or the fake drowning to kiss the lifeguard scene.

I'd have to say my favorite scene is the 4th of July scene. Ray Charles singing "America the Beautiful" as fireworks light up the sky. So good!

The Milwaukee Brewers definitely hold a special place in my heart now!

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