Four people were arrested in Sioux Falls in connection with a carjacking that happened over the weekend.

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According to Dakota News Now, a man was sitting in his minivan at the Falls Park Farmers Market at 11 pm on Saturday night. The victim felt a gun pressed into his neck and he was ordered to get out of the vehicle by two people. Once the man exited the vehicle, the duo got in the minivan and drove away.

Later in the night at roughly 4:30 am, the stolen minivan was spotted in central Sioux Falls by police. The officer tried to pull the vehicle over when it accelerated briefly before pulling over. The occupants had a small amount of meth inside but a gun was not found inside.

The three people found inside were Collin Hattaway, 24, from Sioux Falls; Alajhandra Clifford, 20, from Sioux Falls; and Brett Roubideaux, 36, from Sioux Falls. They were all arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of a stolen vehicle. Hattaway, who was driving, was additionally charged with reckless driving, a stop sign violation, and aggravated eluding.

Sioux Falls Police still do not know if the people arrested in the minivan were the ones responsible for stealing the minivan.

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