Oscar De La Hoya says McGregor and Mayweather could ruin boxing with their upcoming fight... Really?

Does Oscar know boxing is relevant once a year max right now on the biggest level?
In fact the last mega fight that boxing had was Mayweather and Pacquiao and it was three years later than it should of been.  Now It drew huge numbers, but left many casual fans wanting much more.
So could a fight with the biggest name in boxing and the biggest name in MMA really screw up the sport of boxing and ruin it? Hell no.  It can only help both sports.
See it's really like adding cool whip to your ice cream.  It tastes great and not bad for you.
This fight even if it is a beat down from Mayweather will be must see TV and maybe we get more of this hybrid situation where you have a combination of fighters trying a different platform to compete while making a boat load as well.
Boxing needs jolts of energy. This is a jolt.
Boxing needs names.  Real names.  These are real big names.
Money, publicity, names = success.  Not a disaster as described by Oscar De La Hoya.

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