Intertwined seems to be a great description of what the relationship continues to be with MLB and PED's.

In 2013, some big names in MLB found themselves at the forefront of a PED scandal that was as big as the game had ever seen.

Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun and Nelson Cruz were all suspended by the league among others.

Now this year, a year removed from the scandal itself, one of those names that was suspended in 2014 now leads the league in home runs.  That person being Nelson Cruz, currently with 21.

Now, I have always been one to defend PED's in sports especially in Major League Baseball because of the entertainment value it has provided in regards to more productions and added home runs.

However, I just find it ironic that now, a year after a suspension for PED's that Cruz still has the power and ability to continue hitting home runs and doing so at the best pace of his career.

I'm not questioning whether or not Cruz is still using some form of PED's, in fact I can confidently say I believe that Cruz is clean.  But it just makes me wonder, how much of the "PED" use was about creating bigger numbers v. creating a body that heals faster.

Most people want to jump to the stance that ALL PED use is based on the premiss that it is about the production, while I've always contended its about staying on the field v. production.

Cruz has benefitted this  season from health and again, I believe he is "clean".  All that said, if Cruz can stay healthy, we could see a suspended PED user from a season ago, win the home run title a year later.

Incorporating all that information, it makes my original point absolutely clear as day, as much as MLB won't admit it, it still seems very clear that PED's and MLB still are intertwined.


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