Given his frequent hard partying and bro-riffic off-the-field behavior, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski seems more likely to shotgun a beer than sip some lemonade. Thursday, 'Gronk' showed his generous side, handing over a $100 bill for some lemonade being sold by a kid set up just off CBS Sports' Radio Row at the Super Bowl. Obviously, the lemonade cost substantially less than $100, even at the Super Bowl

Cynics would suggest that it's the first time Gronkowski gave $100 to someone who wasn't wrapped around a pole in the middle of a stage, but judging by his demeanor in the photo, 'Gronk' is kind-hearted by nature.

Gronkowski, whose broken left forearm was wrapped in a black cast, was at the Super Bowl doing radio interviews; his team was eliminated by the Ravens in the AFC title game two weeks ago. For the remainder of the weekend, expect to see more of Gronk on New Orleans' Bourbon Street than at media functions, unless there are babes there.

Awesome job by Will Brinson for capturing the whole moment.

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