Whenever a Super Bowl is played, the fan breakdown at the big game is an interesting aspect to pay attention to.

Typically there is a mix of fans from each team as well as a mix of casual fans and celebrities in attendance.

Leading up to the game, you get a sense of the overall attendance from each team obviously by how many team jerseys you see running around the specific site.

Here in New Orleans is no different as we get ready for Super Bowl XLVII. On my flight, in the airport, in the hotels and last night in the French Quarter there was a heavy dose of San Francisco 49er fans running about.

Seldom on Thursday or even as of Friday have there been many Ravens fans out in their team gear. Occasionally you will see a Joe Flacco jersey or a Ray Lewis jersey in one of the bars or restaurants, but the majority of people are wearing San Fran swag.

Leading up to this game, it was anticipated that there would be more 49er fans simply because of their longer history in the league and their larger fan base.

Talking to city officials, restaurant managers and hotel personnel, it is their anticipation that more Ravens fans will be flocking to the "Big Easy" today and tomorrow, but the majority of their reservations have come from the West Coast and presumably San Francisco 49ers fans.

When it gets to Super Bowl Sunday there usually isn't a quote un quote home field advantage because of the afore mentioned description of the variety of people at the game.

This year however, if the fans that are running around New Orleans do indeed go to the game as well, look for a large 49er contingency.


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