If you've traveled in Eastern Sioux Falls you may have wondered when the Veteran's Parkway construction would be completed going north over I-90 by Yogi Campground. Today is that day

The South Dakota Department of Transportation released a statement saying, Veteran’s Parkway will open to traffic between Rice Street and Interstate 90, which includes Exit 402, on Tuesday, Dec. 15.

Exit 402 Google Maps
Exit 402 Google Maps

“This new roadway has been long-awaited as it provides an important connection to the growing southeast part of Sioux Falls and surrounding communities,” says Mitchell Region Engineer Travis Dressen. “The completion of this one-mile segment, including Exit 402, represents a key milestone in the 6.5 miles built to date.”

The concept for Veterans Parkway was first outlined in a 1995 Sioux Falls Regional Transportation Study to address future transportation needs in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area. Construction on the corridor began in 2008 on existing S.D. Highway 11 alignment and projects followed each year after 2015.

“The high-speed limited access Veteran’s Parkway (Highway 100) corridor complements the regional transportation network along with improving travel times for local passenger and freight traffic, says Dressen. “It will also spur residential and commercial growth throughout the larger metropolitan area.”

Motorists are advised there will be minimal impacts to traffic in the Spring of 2021 as crews complete bridge painting and remaining cleanup work behind the curb.

The prime contractor on this $55.6 million project is Riley Brothers Construction of Morris, Minnesota.

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