I missed last year's "Shred-It" event and the evidence has been piling up in my house ever since. So you can bet that when it comes up a week from this Saturday, April 17, I'll be one of the first in line. And I have my reasons too.

About three years ago, someone stole my debit card number and did a little shopping. Thankfully, I look at my checking account almost every day and discovered the charges were made by someone shopping in Sioux City, a place I haven't even seen in over a decade. My account was frozen and a new debit card issued. All was well.

My younger sister had her identity stolen and it took her around 5 years to get everything sorted out. She is still uber-sensitive anytime something even vaguely suspicious happens with a credit card, piece of misdelivered mail, or her checking account.

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How this information was stolen remains a mystery to this day, but suffice it to say it happens every minute, of every hour, of every day, around the globe!

You can, however, lessen your chances of having your identity stolen by making sure you properly dispose of any sensitive materials you have. That is the goal of the Crime Stoppers and Better Business Bureau Data Shred Event coming up on Saturday, April 17, from 8 AM to Noon at three locations in Sioux Falls.

  • WEST - Roosevelt High School Parking Lot (41st Street & Sertoma Ave)
  • EAST - Washington High School Parking Lot (6th Street & Sycamore Ave)
  • SOUTH - Lincoln High School Parking Lot (Cliff Avenue & I-229)

You can bring bags or boxes of sensitive documents to be shredded. The suggested donation per box or bag is $5. These funds benefit the Sioux Empire CrimeStoppers which gives cash rewards to help law enforcement fight crime.

Sources: Better Business Bureau Sioux Falls and CrimeStoppers of the Sioux Empire

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