Sometimes a simple picture with a simple sentence say more than chapters and chapters in a book. I saw such a picture the other day.

The picture. Simple. The legend. Simple. Land devoted to farming. The source: Maptitude1 Tumblr. 

I love a picture that provokes thought, that takes you somewhere. This illustration got my head swimming. Many who grow up in America's Heartland spend most of their lives looking over the fence wanting to get to a coast or warmer weather. The reality, we're living in the most important part of the country.

For instance, I'm typing this in the office in Sioux Falls. On the way to work I drove by land just outside city limits that will be in play again this summer producing. In Sioux Falls, South Dakota you don't have to drive more than a few minutes to get to ground that will be part of the feeding of millions here in the Midwest and around the world.

This next week, while you're in the store, break it down. Where did it come from? The meat, milk and bread you eat. Think for a minute about where it came from, who might have produced it and the importance of the dollars they put back in play in your state and community. Even if you eat at a restaurant, take a minute and wonder.

I'm thankful to be living in the Midwest. I'm thankful we have farmers and ranchers who embrace the lifestyle and take pride in feeding so many people. Here and around the world.

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