South Dakota is a state loaded with small towns. One of them is by far more charming than all of the rest.

Spearfish sits just ten miles from the Wyoming border on the northern tip of the Black Hills. That helps a lot. Sitting in a valley at the mouth of Spearfish Canyon and flanking Spearfish Creek as it drains into the foothills, overlooking the town as you pass by on I-90 is an especially great view. The hills don't look quite as massive as they are until you see the relatively minuscule houses and manmade structures in the foreground.

Spearfish was born out of the Black Hills Gold Rush of 1876. Many of the buildings in town still standing are nearly as old as the town itself. On the Black Hills State University Campus, Wenona Cook Hall, the all-male dormitory, was built in 1889. The Lown Mercantile building was put up in 1893 and currently is home to Steerfish Steakhouse.

As a graduate of Black Hills State, I'm completely biased about my second hometown. However, I would challenge anyone to show me a more charming small town than Spearfish.

Spearfish is the Most Charming Small Town in South Dakota

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