Once again the undead horde took over the streets of Sioux Falls as the annual Zombie Walk brought out every type of living dead to the delight of residents lining the streets of downtown. Apparently, no one was concerned about having their brains eaten.

This was the 13th year for the popular event that has managed to attract huge crowds along the parade route despite dealing with extreme cold on some years, and as was the case this year, rain. Fortunately, the living dead were able to leave their umbrellas at their gravesites as it was limited to some light raindrops - nothing that would slow down a brain-eating ghoul.

And as is the case every year, the undead horde consisted of a variety of characters ranging in age from, well sometimes it's hard to tell since they are all dead. Among the standouts this year was Snow White being wheeled down the parade route in a glass coffin. Apparently, it was a poison apple that took down the Disney princess, but rather the bite of an undead dwarf.

The event began and ended at the El Riad Shrine and proceeds went to benefit Ladder of Smiles and the Sioux Falls Roller Dollz.

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2018 Sioux Falls Zombie Wak

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