Every single year the Super Bowl halftime show divides the nation in support or dismay of the current act. Either way, the show just doesn't feel authentic performance wise.

I can't fully blame the NFL or Pepsi for wanting to stage the Super Bowl halftime show after the Janet Jackson ordeal in Houston. However, the "hollywood camera" look and no doubt lip syncing takes part of the fun away.

The Super Bowl halftime show was enjoyable. Don't get me wrong on this. I can also see how people didn't enjoy it. Weirdly enough, like the divide of fans or haters for the artist, the line also gets divided for what people expect. Some around the office really enjoyed the show calling it an "all-timer," while others in the office claim that it was one of the worst all time. Having seen Coldplay in concert back in 2013 in St. Paul, I can vouch that their performance at the Super Bowl didn't match what their live show entails.

That took me out of it. Beyonce and Bruno Mars were both great, as expected, but it felt like just a dance off. Overall that's what they were aiming for between the extravagant dancing and the brilliant colors around the stadium. They weren't aiming for an actual concert. The aim was focused on the production and that deserves an "A."

That's where I've failed. It didn't feel authentic at all while entering the show thinking it would be a concert. Want to base it as a concert? Between the lip syncing and effects to mask it? It's a hard call but the artists seemed to be right in cue so a "C" seems ideal.

Now, following the last couple of years of being the same story, it feels like it's best suited for all of us to grade the show purely on production. Since that seems to be the pure direction the NFL and Pepsi want to take the show.

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