One Nebraska man thought it would be a great idea to break into the house of UFC Light Heavyweight Anthony Smith. reports that Smith was awakened around 4:00 AM on Sunday morning to an intruder in his house. Luke Haberman entered Smith's house, located outside of Omaha, and ended up in a fight of his own.

Smith fought and wrestled Haberman for about five minutes before authorities arrived. Smith says that the fight was "one of the toughest" he's ever had and that "no normal human should be able to fight like that."

Haberman did not steal anything on the property and entered the house from an open garage door. Outside of losing a fight to Smith, Haberman has been charged with first-degree criminal trespassing in Douglas County, Nebraska according to ESPN.

Smith is scheduled to fight Glover Teixeira at UFC Fight Night in Lincoln, Nebraska on April 25. Chances are the fight will be moved due to the ongoing Coronavirus.

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