The debate no longer can go on in regards to who the best fighter is in the women's divisions of the UFC, it clearly is Amanda Nunes.

That said, her recent claims that she is the female Connor McGregor is up for debate and the claim itself is just not true.

Connor McGregor is a world wide star and has the marketability to garner huge pay per view numbers while Nunes was on the coat tails of Rousey in interest level even though she won the fight.

She does have a confidence about her that does compare to McGregor but even then, she hasn't done enough or created enough of a following to make such claims.

What she needs to do is to develop more of a brand that doesn't include a fight with Ronda Rousey, dominate in those fights and continue to talk the smack and back it up.

Until then though, she and everyone else needs to realize that there is only one Connor McGregor!

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