Growing up a lot of friends of mine were into skateboarding and I always have had so much respect for the sport itself.

Now personally, the reason I say my friends were into skateboarding and not me, is the simple fact that I don't have enough coordination to skateboard.

Even though it wasn't a sport that I participated in, I enjoyed watching the X-Games and always played Tony Hawk's video game growing up too.

And leave it to Tony Hawk to take the sport to even new heights in 2015.

Recently, Tony Hawk skated the first ever horizontal loop, check it out.

The pure fact that Tony Hawk is still reaching for new heights in the sport in itself is absolutely amazing but to see him still accomplishing those heights is even cooler.

I just can't wait til either Tony Hawk or someone else from the skateboarding world comes up with something else we haven't seen before as it never ceases to amaze me!


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