Ever try to do something simple like try on boots and end up literally falling on your face? It's the sort of thing that happens to me all the time.

A woman was taking a video of herself trying on and showing off her new boots. Nothing particularly dangerous about them. They have a pretty standard height heel for any boot. They weren't super tall or clumsy to wear. But that heel had a certain amount of tackiness to it.

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After gracefully turning right and lifting her foot ninety degrees to make the boot visible in the video from the side, her boot pulls the cabinet door under the bathroom sink open slightly, then her heel catches the very top of the door. This surprise made it impossible for her to lower her leg and regain her balance. After a few attempts at hopping to regain balance, she goes down face-first into the doorway of the bathroom.

A male voice in the home can be heard to say "Are you okay?" Her reply through raucous laughter was that she was okay and she was quite glad she got it on video.

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