Shirtless selfies, we have all seen them, maybe you actively search them, or you participate in the mirror flexing picture taking craze.

This Help Stop The Senseless Shirtlessness video is brilliant.

It has been crazy to watch trends over the last few years since the introduction of the cellphone.

There have always been fads and trends to hop on, but now with social media we ca see the instant participation of the latest craze.

We wont get into the ridiculous and dangerous fads from the last few years, but just the mention of them they instantly pop pictures and videos into the screen of our brains.

Throughout the years there have been two types of people:

Those Who Hate Taking Pictures

Those Who Love Taking Pictures

Selfies have somehow sucked in so many people into the need to document every meal they eat, and every aspect of their life.

The geniuses behind this video have created a masterpiece of a call to action, and remember you can help stop the senseless shirtlessness.


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