Before Seth Rollins, and some guy that resembles Sami Zayn, took over the WWE the two were independent wrestling superstars for Ring of Honor.

Now I can't confirm that El Generico and Sami Zayn are the same guy. I mean, they act the same, have the same in-ring moves and mannerisms, but the last we heard El Generico was off to his home country of Mexico to help orphans. He hasn't been seen since...

Following along? (come on, this is one form of kayfabe that I can't drop)

Then there's Seth Rollins. The young man, who entered ROH in his early 20s, took Ring of Honor by storm under the name Tyler Black. He went on to have epic battles with the likes of Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan), Nigel McGuinness, Roderick Strong, Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens), and Austin Aries. That's just to name a few. Black would end up capturing the ROH World Title in 2010.

Oh, and he had a pretty good match with El Generico for ROH's TV show that aired on HDNet.

And I guess I forgot to mention that Kevin Owens makes a little appearance...

This was a pretty good TV match that did its purpose. It put both guys over while at the same time keeping the Steen/Generico feud alive. Black and Generico traded holds and strikes in the early part of the match to establish a base of one-upping each other. That developed into nice segments of the match in which both guys were able to showcase their moves/abilities. Plus, it gave the feeling that Generico could beat the reigning ROH World Champion at the time.

It isn't the most blow away match you'll ever see. The two accomplished what they needed to. These two had better matches within WWE already including the "winner enters the Royal Rumble" match from this past January. I advise that you seek that out...

But, if you haven't yet, give this one a watch first. It's fun to see how far these guys have come in their careers.

Rating: ***

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