Just two nights prior to their return at Wrestlemania 33, Matt and Jeff Hardy were working the independent wrestling shows in Orlando including this dream match.

One of my favorite events to attend over Wrestlemania weekend is the Wrestlecon Supershow. The show is produced by Highspots each year and is a combination of the top independent stars of today along with some older wrestlers from the past. Truthfully, it isn't the best wrestling show each year, but it has been the most entertaining and fun show that I've gone to over Mania weekend the last three years. It's my favorite show to attend during Wrestlemania weekend.

This year set up to be the exact same. Wrestlecon asked on Twitter about what dream match they'd like to see the Hardy's in. Majority of the responses, including mine, was a match against Penta(gon Jr.) and (Rey) Fenix.

Lucha Libre AAA actually owns the trademark to the names "Pentagon Jr" and "Fenix" so they had to switch their ring names after contracts expired. That's the legal jargon, but I won't follow that here. They are legitimate brothers like the Hardy's and have put on some fantastic matches on Lucha Underground (check it out on Netflix). As far as anyone knew, this was a first-time matchup.

The scheduled start time for the Wrestlecon Supershow was 7:30 PM. Pretty sure, if memory serves me correct, that it started closer to 8:30. Honestly, that was good for us since we went and grabbed food and would have been late to the show. We figured we were fine though when we saw the Hardy's grabbing food also. There is a reason I bring this up...but we'll get to that.

Highspots was nice enough to release the match for free on their Highspots Wrestling Network. (FYI, you are able to spot me in the crowd if you have a good eye).

I think they ran into some time constraints with the venue. The main event was beginning around midnight and it became an eight minute rush between the two teams.

They did a great job of pumping up the crowd and then getting into the match as much as they could. It honestly felt like they went into what would have been their finishing stretch out of the gate.

That eight minute match though was pretty entertaining in general, but you could sense the slight disappointment in the crowd that it ended that fast. All things considered, it's understandable. I have a feeling that given some decent time this could have been pretty special.

It isn't the most "must-see" match of the weekend, but considering the timeframe it was pretty cool to see the Hardy's in that setting before the big return.

**1/2 out of *****

Matt and Jeff Hardy would go on to wrestle for Ring of Honor the following night in a ladder match against the Young Bucks. They followed that up with their return to WWE in another ladder match at Wrestlemania. In general they both brought it Wrestlemania weekend.

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