This year I applied for an elk tag. The way the preference point crisis is with elk I decided to use the two points I had and get me an automatic cow tag for this fall.

About a week after submitting my application I found a large fraudulent charge and immediately called and cancelled my credit card. The same card I had submitted and paid the $10 with for my elk application.

I had not thought about it until I saw that I got the email confirming that I drew my Black Hills Elk tag, but the $116 charge was not on my card. Today I got another email that at first made me panic with paranoia but it was all good.

In the recent Black Hills Elk drawing, you were successful in drawing a license for H**23.

The fee associated with this license is $116.00

Your license will be held in the Pierre License Office until arraignments can be made to submit the required fees. By logging into the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Licensing system you may pay this fee online.

To pay this online, log into your account with your user name and password. When you get to the main menu, at the bottom there will be a sentence in red stating that you have a missing payment. Click on this red statement to make payment.

So I logged into the GFP license system and clicked on the little red notice and paid my license fee. Easy peasy! Not sure why I have to get arraigned, I'm not the one who committed fraud with my card.

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