What is a 'Stugotz'?

This question clearly has got more traction over the last few years with the enormous popularity of the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz.

Stugotz has evolved now into many meanings.

First of all and most importantly, Stugotz is a world-famous radio host on ESPN Radio better known as Jon Weiner.

Now from there, we can get into some very interesting interpretations of what Stugotz means and the places it has derived from.

According to Slate.com, Stugotz is never called anything other than his nickname by anyone, ever. The show that now bears that Sopranos-inspired moniker is the result of relentless entrepreneurial striving - what Le Batard calls Stugotz's “saucer eyes,” a frequently expressed desire to move up, achieve, get more famous, and make more money.

According to Lingo2word.com, Stugotz could be derived from the Italian word 'Stugats' which means testicles.

According to my producer Jerry P, his Italian Mom used to say "don't be a Stugotz" which meant quit being a ding dong.

All of these meanings are up for debate and one day when Stugotz shows up in Sioux Falls for Stugotz Day, we will have to ask him the true meaning of one of the most infamous nicknames in human history.