You may have seen that we have a trip to Wrestlemania in Orlando up for grabs, but here's what to do if you do win the trip.

First thing is first, you jump for joy. That should be your immediate reaction. You would be joining 70,000 plus people in Orlando for the biggest wrestling weekend of the year.

And I mean that when I say "biggest wrestling weekend of the year."

This will be my seventh Wrestlemania, and my second time attending one in Orlando. I've attended Wrestlemania 24 (Orlando), 25 (Houston), 26 (Phoenix), 30 (New Orleans), 31 (San Jose), and 32 (Dallas). Each year the events of the weekend continue to grow.

My first suggestion is to extend the trip. You will want to be in Orlando a minimum of Friday-Monday, and that's just for wrestling events. Our giveaway features roundtrip airfare, tickets to Wrestlemania, spending cash, and one night hotel. It will cost you a little to extend the hotel stay, but I promise you that it will be worth it.

There are so many events that are going on throughout the weekend. WWE alone puts on 11 events. That includes six sessions of Axxess (Thursday-Sunday), the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony (Friday night), NXT Takeover (Saturday night), Wrestlemania, Monday Night Raw, and Smackdown Live. There's even a set of NXT Tapings at Full Sail University on the following Wednesday if you're daring.

What else could be going on? Well, every big independent wrestling company also comes to town. Trust me, there's a lot of things going on. You'll have to click the tweet to extend the full list, but there are shows going on all-day, everyday from noon-3:00 AM. Add the conventions in and 24 hours is almost not enough.

This year I'll be attending more shows than year's prior. As of today, I have 10 wrestling shows scheduled over Mania weekend. I'm not the only crazy one, many people do this.

Wrestlemania day is always an exciting feeling. Everyone is hyped up, no matter the card, and the atmosphere is indescribable. Get to the stadium early and enjoy everything surrounding it.

And if you do win, and I'm confident in saying this, I'll see you at Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans. This "once in a lifetime" experience is like a drug. Once you go one year, the trip quickly becomes a yearly deal. Just ask my friends who didn't believe me and are now attending their third straight Wrestlemania.

Register today for your chance to win a trip to Wrestlemania in Orlando. Hope to see you there.

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