A Big Fireball amazed many as it blazed across the night sky over this small Iowa town.

Folks in North Liberty, Iowa were surprised by this firey event in the early morning hours of January 2.

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What Was That Fireball Streaking Over Iowa Town?

The North Liberty City Government posted this footage of the phenomenon on their Facebook page saying ...

“Ryan from our Streets Department noticed a meteor in the sky south of the shop on his way home from plowing the other night, and we got it on camera.”

There were others in the area that also saw the meteor and also got some video footage.

It's assumed that this was part of 2022’s Quadrantid Meteor Shower. EarthSky.org stated about the year's first meteor shower saying ...

“The Quadrantids have a zenithal hourly rate of 120 in a dark sky. And the shower is known for its bright fireballs. But the peak of this shower is extremely narrow, lasting only about six hours.”

Other comments on North Liberty's City Facebook pages include:

Barbara Johanns: So Cool you caught it on Camera!

Janette Koch: Awesome!! Good Job capturing something way cool and sharing it! Thank You!

Shirley Sobczak: How Great Is This !!! Thank You For Sharing ..Very GOOD Video, Clear!

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