Ever since the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series in a million years, the relationship between the organization and their star third baseman Kris Bryant has never been the same.

From arbitration cases to injuries to lack of winning, the Cubs and Bryant have been on different pages.

Moving forward, will that mean that Bryant will be on a different team?

According to Jesse Rogers of ESPN, the possibility may become a reality.

In his latest piece on ESPN, he entertains the idea and talks about the timeline is important and that the Braves, Rockies, Phillies, and others could be in the mix.

I have been discussing this for a while on my show as sometimes you can see the writing on the wall.

Bryant has been really good in a Cubs uniform, but with the Cubs missing the playoffs a year ago and firing their manager, it is unclear if internally the Cubs feel that Bryant will be a part of the future plans.

It is going to be interesting to see where these conversations go, but it seems like a real possibility that the former MVP may be in a different uniform sooner rather than later.