They say most people's awareness of germs really starts to kick in after you have kids, and you start carrying hand sanitizer on a key chain.

There are different levels of how we battle the bacteria floating around us, and some people are on an extreme level of cleanliness. I'm not overly afraid of germs, but I've never been a fan of door handles on the way out of the bathroom based on the non-hand washing community. I have always used my shirt, coat, or paper towel to grab the door, and really appreciate the businesses who have the foot hook on the bottom of the door.

I stumbled upon this study that will make your stomach turn a little, especially if you have been using hand dryers. I know paper towels are not considered as planet friendly but I may reconsider after reading this story from Fox News: "A study by the scientists at the University of Connecticut found hand dryers in men's and women's bathrooms blew bacteria onto hands including fecal matter."

And it isn't just the bathrooms that are at risk. It could be the entire office according to the study.

"The study said it was possible hand dryers are 'responsible for spreading pathogenic bacteria, including bacterial spores' through an entire building as well."

For more unsettling finds in this study read the entire Fox News Story. 

Source: Fox News

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