I was recently having lunch with some current and recovering Minnesotans when we started talking about dinner table manners and how we don't seem to use them anymore.

We were chatting about how there was a time when we gathered around a table to have a meal with friends and there were certain so-called “Good Manners” we were taught to use.

Good Table Manners-Getty Thinkstock
Good Table Manners-Getty Thinkstock

For some reason or another, we don't seem to place importance on using table manners. How come?

We try to teach our kids how to act appropriately while eating at the table. No yelling, throwing food, or plate lickin'. 

Good Table Manners-Getty Thinkstock
Good Table Manners-Getty Thinkstock

So we came up with the “Top 8 Dinner Table Rules Almost Every Minnesota Adult Breaks”

  1. Don't Eat Until Everyone Is Seated And Starts...Like if your food arrives first at a restaurant or you sit down before everyone else at home. It's polite to wait.
  2. Avoid Reaching...Don't just grab at the food at the table. Manners would dictate that you politely ask for someone to pass you the taters.
  3. Using your phone...This is one so many of us are guilty of doing. We don't let our kids plant their face in the phone at the dinner table. How about if we put it down and enjoy each other's company?
  4. Chew With Your Mouth Closed...Do it. Chewing with your mouth open and talking with your mouth full of food freaks people out.
  5. Hogging the conversation...It's rude no matter where you are. Sure you have interesting stories to tell, but so do others. Share the stage. And listen to others with genuine interest.
  6. Using the bread to clean your plate...If you want to do this in the privacy of your own home, cool. Who cares. But not when you're out with other people. It screams “hick”.
  7. Elbows on the table...I know it's just an old-school thing, but it was what we were taught.
  8. Be Polite...You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat waitstaff. It does not take much effort to say “please”, “thank you”, and otherwise just be nice. Like yer momma taught ya!


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