If your boyfriend gets arrested and you are the one going to bail him out, and you are in a stolen car and don't have a driver's license, you should walk to jail. One woman did not.

On Friday, July 8, 41-year-old Jaime Marie Estenson of Sioux Falls drove her 2007 Chevy Suburban to the Lyon County Law Enforcement Center in Rock Rapids, Iowa to bail her boyfriend out of jail, according to NWestIowa.com.

Deputies at the sheriff's office discovered that Estenson had her driver's license revoked in South Dakota. Then when asked to provide proof of insurance or a registration document for the vehicle, she could not produce them.

As deputies dug deeper, they discovered that it was not her vehicle at all. The Suburban was reported stolen out of Worthington, Minnesota, and was valued at more than $11,000.

Estenson's boyfriend would have to wait for his bond as she was arrested and charged with first-degree theft, operation without a registration card or plate, no valid driver’s license, and failure to provide proof of vehicle liability insurance.

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