If you're planning on a trip, the state of South Dakota has plenty of travel destinations to choose from. But one website lists an iconic landmark as the Mount Rushmore State's most overrated spot. However, it also lists the most underrated place to visit. But does it get them right?

Some destinations are worth visiting more than others, and the website Far and Wide compiled each of the 50 states' most overrated and underrated spots. Some of the picks are pretty controversial, especially the ones for South Dakota. Take a look.

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Most Overrated: Mount Rushmore

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That's right. According to Far and Wide, one of America's most iconic landmarks is the most overrated spot in the entire state. Why? Well, they explain how access was limited to certain parts of the monument late last year due to construction. But by all accounts, the 8 million dollar renovation project is now completed, so in my opinion, this doesn't make it overrated at all.

Most Underrated: The Badlands

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This one's hard to argue with. The badlands are a beautiful and majestic place everyone should visit at least once. According to Far and Wide, the badlands are not only the perfect destination for a scenic drive but also hiking as well.

For the state of Iowa, they list the most overrated as the Iowa State Fair and the most underrated as Adventureland. In Minnesota, the most overrated is the Mall of America (hard to argue) and the most underrated is the Boundary Waters. And in Nebraska, they have Chimney Rock as the most overrated and the Omaha Zoo as the most underrated.

For the Full list of all 50 states check out the article from Far and Wide here.

Story Source: Far and Wide

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