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OK Einstein’s, think you got what it takes to go up against the best? Or at least one of OUR best? ESPN 99.1 dares you to face-off with one of our own.

Are you Smarter than Jerry P?

Match your own sports wits with someone who knows a lot more than the average armchair quarterback. A University of South Dakota (Go Yotes!) graduate and life-long pro wrestling fan that travels the country each year to go to Wrestlemania (no, we're not kidding), Jerry P is a fountain of sports knowledge. Or at least a water fountain of sports knowledge. OK, he's a fountain pen of sports knowledge, but one of those Preppy Platinum Fountain Pens, and not one of those Bic disposables.

Just for making an attempt you’ll score a $5 gift card from Taphouse 41. Plus, come out on top and beat Jerry P and you’ll win a $20 gift card from Taphouse 41.

Breakup your week and play Are you Smarter than Jerry P during Overtime on ESPN 99.1, Sioux Falls sports leader.

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