As the swimming season starts to shut down across the state at outdoor pools, a different kind of conundrum is shutting down swimming at a local lake.

Lake Alvin has been shut down for all swimming effective immediately after the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Department made the announcement on Monday.

Due to high levels of bacteria in the lake, the SD Game Fish and Parks Department has closed the water for swimming, while fishing and boating can continue.

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The GFP pointed to the recent heavy rains throughout the area causing additional runoff into the lake that was contaminated.

The Game, Fish, and Parks Department will continue to monitor the lake and continue testing the water and once the levels go back to normal, they will reopen swimming at Lake Alvin.

This comes at a tough time for locals who are trying to enjoy whatever Summer may still exist before a South Dakota winter comes calling.

For more information on this situation, regulations throughout the state, and for future endeavors with outdoor life in South Dakota, you can visit the GFP Department website.


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