As the Fourth of July quickly approaches, it's likely you'll either be driving with friends or taking a small family vacation that requires an unappealing amount of drive time to the lake.

If you're anything like me, you'll probably complain about how awful a fellow driver is on the way out of town, be on the receiving end of a few gesturesm give out a few gestures and go about your way wondering if that person was born to be a complete moron.

I've learned that driving from Sioux Falls to Brookings wasn't as bad as I thought considering the amount of time that one has to exit the interstate. I also have learned that it was actually nice to not have to brake every ten feet only going 3 miles.

In Minneapolis, I'm one more bad driver away from having a mental breakdown or having my head explode. But you know what's worse than being on the road with bad drivers? Being IN the car with bad drivers or a bad passenger...

Make sure to take notice of who does what during your Fourth of July road trips, and most importantly, pay attention to the road and drive safe this holiday weekend!

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