Think you can play basketball? Think again.

The guys from Dude Perfect decided to set a few Guinness World Records. Note I said "a few" - these guys are not known to play small ball when it comes to trick shots.

Among the records they attempt and set (hey, would they have them in the video if they didn't succeed) include World's Longest Basketball Shot Made with Your Head, World's Longest Blindfolded Hook Shot (take that Kareem), World's Longest Sitting Basketball Shot, and the granddaddy of them all - World's Highest Basketball Shot taken from the roof of a high rise.

Some people have questioned if the shots these guys due are legit, but they say they are all real. The presence of a Guiness Book of World Records judge would seem to prove that. They do admit though that it sometimes takes a "few" attempts.

So next time you hit a three-point shot in a pick-up basketball game and think you are better than Steph Curry - think again.

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