On the Tuesday edition of Overtime with Bert Remien, we had the opportunity to chat with new Augustana Men's Basketball Coach Cody Schilling.

Bert and Coach dotted the map on a wide range of topics, but the conversation began with a focus on the new job and the opportunity ahead of the young coach.

Here's what Coach Schilling had to say on the show about the honor of being Augie's next Head Coach, and the opportunity ahead:

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The pair then dove into the fact that every Coach has different methods and different styles. As for his own coaching style and focus for the program moving forward, Coach offered up these thoughts:

Lastly, Coach talked a bit about a few of his playing career highlights, but said the game is simply about the relationships:

To download and listen to the full interview that aired on Tuesday's show, visit the 'Overtime on Demand' page at ESPNSiouxFalls.com.

Overtime with Bert Remien airs weekdays from 11am - 1pm on ESPN 102.3 AM 1000 KSOO.

For a deep dive into the new Coach at Augustana, find the official press release of his hiring here at GoAugie.com.

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