It was fascinating. It truly was. Caitlyn Jenner’s speech provided so many angles to a story with so many story lines.

In life we all experience new things. From the time were are born until the time we die, new experiences make up what life is all about.

For many in this country and even world wide, while watching the ESPY’s on Wednesday night, they experienced something new as well: their first time seeing a transgender person.

Reading this right now you might not be one of the many, but clearly by the reaction on so many different platforms, the experience was new to a lot of people. And they reacted in different ways.

I saw acceptance. I saw intrigue. I saw approval. I saw confusion. Worst of all, I saw hate.

The last part of that is why Caitlyn Jenner is so important in making this cause and these issues for transgender individuals visible to the masses.

Hate crimes happen all too often. Whether it is because of your religion, your race, your sexuality and, yes, even your gender, people are being bullied, being assaulted and being killed all in the name of hate.

As I watched her ESPY’s speech pan out, I kept getting the sense that this was and will have a positive impact.

My big takeaway from Jenner’s speech was that as a nation we need to be more accepting, more aware and, I know it sounds corny, but we need to just be nicer.

Of course there is confusion from some. I was asked by a good friend about Jenner’s kids and he wondered if “they still have a Dad?”

I said two mom’s. Just like a lesbian couple who has kids, they have two mom’s or a gay couple with two Dads. We don’t need traditional mom and dad anymore. It’s all good.

It's been proven over and over again that, regardless of the definituon of 'family,' all children need to grow is a loving environment. Jenner always provided that!

My big question to the critics and hate mongrels would be why do you have a problem?

Jenner is happier now than in the last 65 years of her life. Isn’t that what we all want? Who are you or I to shoot down someone's happiness, because it’s new or uncomfortable for us?

For a lot of individuals it becomes a debate on religion.

A lot of people in America aren’t religious. Yet we drive around and see churches, synagogues and mosques everywhere. Should those who are not religious degrade you on Twitter or Facebook or ask that you remove your churches so those who are not religious don't have to look at your belief system?

Of course not. Clearly there would be yelling about acts of hate throughout the religous community.

So just chill. Relax. Embrace people. Loving, caring, genuine, hard-working people like Caitlyn Jenner.

Furthermore, I think you need to examine your own personal stance as an objector to Jenner’s lifestyle.

Some religions believe that we were created by God. It’s their faith. Science believes we evolved from apes, that evolution is a valid argument for creation.

You can also argue that religion is based not only on faith, but opinions. Opinions on life, mortality, creation and morals.

An opinion is not fact as one of my devout religious friends explained to me and it’s OK to have an opinion, but don’t force it on me.

So if all that is the case, why the problem with an opinion on a lifestyle that doesn’t sync with your beliefs? My answer would be fear and hate.

Although a lot of times this becomes a debate that goes off the rails, this shouldn’t be a religious or moral debate, it should be a human rights debate.

Everyone deserves rights as law abiding Americans. The same rights. That’s where I hope this conversation goes in the future more so now than ever.

And when you dive deep enough, you see the affects on sports.

Jenner was an All-American athlete. She has the gold medals to prove it.

But just as the case with openly gay athletes, transgender athletes face so many hurdles themselves even in today’s society: acceptance by teammates or competitors, policy issues, knowing the doubters and skeptics are out there ready to pounce are some of the main issues in their way.

There are so many kids, youths and adults that can now hopefully move forward with less hatred towards them and heck more chances to play sports where they wouldn’t be accepted prior. I think that is cool.

Whether it’s my kid or your kid, I hope they have the chance to be themselves, to pursue the same opportunities athletically that we all have had.

And if my child is gay or transgender then you better believe I will love them the same and at some point I will thank people like Michael Sam or Caitlyn Jenner directly for paving the way for them to be who they are!

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