Atlanta shortstop Johan Camargo didn't get hurt in Tuesday's game. No, he got hurt before a pitch was even thrown.

Camargo, 23, suffered the most unusual of injuries when he tripped running to take his position just as the game against the Phillies began.

It looked like nothing more than an amusing moment, but he remained on the ground in pain and wound up with a bone bruise.

Camargo was placed on the disabled list and is expected to be out for two weeks. That's just the kind of luck you'd expect for a team swimming under the .500 mark. Atlanta, by the way, wound up losing the game, 5-2.

Here's another angle (note the NSFW language).

Camargo isn't alone among Braves enduring bizarre injuries. In 2016, prized prospect Dansby Swanson got hurt on a throw that shouldn't have gone anywhere near him.

The Braves possess one of the most fertile farm system in baseball, so here's hoping that these injuries are nothing more than literal growing pains as they try to make the jump from also-ran to perennial power.

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