Big game is a big deal for the Upper Plains states that bring in big revenue. Not only when hunters spend money on ammunition and clothing, but for lodging and dining. And, regarding non-resident hunters, we're talking a huge bump to the state's coffers.

Following the influx of pheasant hunters to South Dakota recently deer hunters will now take to the fields, trees, sloughs, and hills.

Travel South Dakota
Travel South Dakota


South Dakota archery deer season is on now through January 1. The majority of firearms seasons begin in November.

Each state has its regulations for hunting and fishing. You as a participant need to know the regulations of the state you are in. By searching online or gathering the necessary materials your hunting experience will be much more enjoyable.

Below are the license fees for South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa plus links to any questions you would have.

South Dakota-Archery $40.00, Firearm $40.00
Non-resident: Archer $286, Firearm $185.00

All hunters who are younger than 16 years of age must complete hunter education certification to hunt in South Dakota.

JD Collins
JD Collins


Minnesota-Archery $34.00, Firearm $34.00
Non-resident: Archery $185.00 Firearm $185.00

You need a hunter education firearms safety certificate to purchase a Minnesota firearms hunting license if you are born after December 31, 1979.



Non-resident: $348.50/$266.50/$149.50

Any resident or nonresident born after January 1, 1972, must have completed an approved hunter education program in Iowa or another state to buy a hunting license. If your Iowa hunter education certification is not on your customer record, you must show proof of hunter education when purchasing your license at a local vendor to complete the order.

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The economic impact of these annual hunting seasons is substantial. The livelihood is felt deep and everlasting. As is the memory of each hunt.

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