Well now that we got the grills smoking hot over the Memorial Day weekend, we can officially say the backyard BBQ season is in full swing. Everybody was cooking their favorites over the open flames.

I heard of many doing steaks and others charbroiling brats and hot dogs. And there were several, including myself, smoking ribs. The secret there is low and slow. I had three racks of ribs on for eight hours at 175 degrees indirect. They were fabulous.

But, the day after Memorial Day is set aside to honor the all time favorite grilling item. the hamburger. What tastes better than a burger right off the grill? Eat is while it's still piping hot and juicy. The quicker you eat it the better.

It's believed that the roots of this classic sandwich can be traced all the way back to ancient civilizations such as Egypt. The Egyptians would prepare a ground meat that was formed into patties and spiced with various spices.

Some hamburger historians say Athens,Texas was the birthplace of my favorite sandwich. The story goes that Fletcher Davis sold hamburgers at his café at 115 Tyler Street in Athens, in the late 1880s, before bringing them to the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.

Whoever it was that created the burger, should have a holiday after him and should be on money!

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