I recently attended a Kansas City Royals game and it was fantastic.

It was my first Royals game since I was in high school and this go around I walked away really appreciating the atmosphere and the fans.

Chicago, St. Louis, New York and Boston all pop to my mind as baseball cities and now I've added Kansas City as well.

The fans I encountered while I was there from all over the city were all eager to talk about the Royals even though the Royals have had a slow start for the season.

Knowledgable on all levels, from knowing players, to knowing potential trades, to knowing the history of the team.  It really reminded me of conversations I've had in the aforementioned cities on countless occasions.

I attended the game with my father in law and it was his first time to Kauffman Stadium and he walked away as impressed as I did.

The BBQ Mac N Cheese was delicious, the beer was extremely cold and the best part of the food experience may of been the $1 peanuts.  Like where in this world can you get $1 peanuts at a pro game?

We had wonderful seats at a reasonable price with some great fans around us.

Make the trip, a short five hours from Sioux Falls and enjoy the wonderful city of Kansas City, but make sure you don't leave KC without hitting up a Royals game.  I promise they will leave you with a great impression as well.